Maumee Bay Brewing Co. #FAKEJUICE 16oz. Can


Maumee Bay Brewing had a clear-cut concept from the start in naming their very first New England IPA titled, #FakeJuice, saying; "Here's the concept. Make it fun!". They wanted it "bright, and in your face". And as an obvious play on the political landscape, we did just that – and had a blast while doing it!


This project pretty much designed itself from the start. Taking a cue from "The Onion", we made a fake newspaper – including fake articles just as a concept – but they loved it, so it stuck. We then littered the can with a pile of trashed "news", a spin on CNN and finished it off using the basis of all print – CMYK – as the color scheme. Sprinkle in some hashtags, and it was complete.


Again, this project was a slam-dunk from the outset, as the client assisted with such a great idea to begin with. Serving as one of their most visible and iconic cans, Maumee Bay continues to establish themselves as the top craft beer brewery in the region. Then again, that may just be #FakeNews... or is it? You decide.

  • #FAKEJUICE desktop mock-up
  • #FAKEJUICE Can Mock-up
  • #FAKEJUICE Label Design
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